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Our growing range of simple, delicious ingredient dishes are designed to excite all the senses on any occasion.

Crispy Creamy Taiyaki

Asian-Style Dumplings


dipping sauces

Korean Kalbi BBQ Short Rib


sesame ginger sauce

Welcome real food travelers and restless explorers

We’ve been on a mission to bring the magic of sharing food to those who seek authentic, tasty experiences from around the world.
From delicious dumplings to bold meals to crispy, creamy desserts, we have something to entice, surprise and inspire your culinary imagination.
So, If you are in search of exciting flavors, textures and multi-sensory experiences, then strap in and prepare to take your taste buds on a journey of food rooted in real recipes and places.

Food service

For over two decades, Suji’s has been helping kitchens add authenticity and innovation to their menus.

It’s our mission to help bring the bold vibrant flavors of Asia to the plates of your guests, and keep them coming back for more.

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