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In Korea, we are curious, creative, open-minded and usually ravenous, obsessed by food and flavor. Not only how it tastes, but how it looks, smells, feels and even sounds! And not just our own food, but everyone else’s as well. We’re food explorers by nature, taking inspiration from all over the world - whether that’s Asia, Europe, South America or beyond! Our goal is to leave no stone unturned or recipe untasted.

For over 20 years we’ve been tireless in our mission to bring the magic of Asian dishes to the West and Western favourites to the East, never afraid to do a little adapting or reinventing along the way.
But we’re not stopping there. We continue to travel, fork in hand. Mind open. Ready and hungry for new taste experiences wherever we go. Ready to embrace national favourites and give them our own Suji’s twist.

Our growing range of simple ingredient dishes are designed to excite all of the senses and surprise anyone who says "been there, tasted that". Our portfolio has something for everyone, for any occasion, from appetizers to desserts, meaty treats to plant-based delights.

Food service

For over two decades, we’ve been leading the way providing food service with a delightful array of innovative and bespoke products, all meticulously crafted in our innovation kitchen by our R&D team.

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