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Suji’s was founded by a culinary entrepreneur whose mantra is: 'My favorite kind of food is great food'. This comes from a lifetime dedicated to travel, driven by a passion to discover new cuisines, cooking methods and unique ingredients from all over the world. This diverse culinary background means that when it comes to Food Service, we understand that as well as great taste, chefs also rely on products that are practically designed and convenient for use in fast-paced kitchens.

For over two decades we’ve been leading the way, providing Food Service with a dynamic array of delicious and bespoke offerings. All of our products and iconic recipes are meticulously crafted in our Innovation Kitchen - with an emphasis on flavor and simple ingredients by our R&D team.

We offer custom solutions & personalized training

As well as having a huge range of products and recipes that would feel at home in any kitchen, we also offer bespoke offerings and packages as we understand that one size doesn’t always fit all.
We are also able to work closely with your chefs, to teach and inspire them how to bring their unique expression of global flavours to life, with sessions crafted to their specific needs.
Our Asian Food 101 Training sessions also help partners to better understand and champion the complexities and nuances of Asian food culture.

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